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When:  Tour dates available from start July until the start of August

Where:  Shey Phoksundo National Park, Nepal

Length:  9 days

Number of participants:  2-6

Price:   (+/- 500, – Euro) per person


Beautiful, cautious, powerful, mystical, rare, unique … only a few terms that come to mind when we think of the ‘snow leopard’. In many ways, this beautiful animal and our search also symbolize the type of travel that we offer.

Beautiful hiking tours through special and desolate mountain areas with imposing summits and pure culture. All this with expert guidance and with thorough and flexible planning at the same time. Just like the search for the snow leopard, it also applies to trips that it sometimes runs differently than you had planned or hoped, but the charm of the unexpected often causes the icing on the cake! But whether you get the top or not … whether you have seen the snow leopard or not .. The journey is all its facets is at least as important as the goal.

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